Why Do We Exist?

Did you know that EPS – expanded polystyrene known in Brazil as Isopor® and in other countries as Styrofoam, is one hundred percent recyclable and it is made of up to ninety eight percent of air and two percent of plastic? It has characteristics like insulating material and it stores food with no contamination.

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Tons/year apparent consumption

According to data from ABIQUIM (Brazilian Association of Chemical Industry), in 2019 the apparent consumption of EPS (production plus importation), was one hundred and seven thousand tons year in Brazil.

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Not recycled

Even being one hundred percent recyclable, sixty eight percent   was not recycled.

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Tons/year waste

So, 72,500 tons were improperly disposed in Brazil and this not only pollutes rivers, seas and soil but also takes up landfill sites.

ESR Purpose

To be a social company which focus on reducing and mitigating environmental and social impacts caused by improper disposal of EPS (Isopor®/ Styrofoam) in metropolitan region of São Paulo and ESR is going to do that through innovative as well as sustainable solutions for waste recycling and reusing. 

An efficient Solution

1. Scheduling

Our solution seeks efficiency in transportation and storage of disposed styrofoam/ Isopor®, which are critical points, even obstructive for the advance of  Isopor®/ sryrofoam recycling in our city.

ESR, under prê-scheduling, is going to offer the service of receiving and compacting EPS on-the-spot at the big waste producers.

2. Collecting

The big waste producer schedules with us and offers us a parking space.  Our team goes to the local, parks ESR vehicle and our equipment will grind as well as compact the material so as to reduce the volume.  This means more plastic and less air to be transported and stored.

3. Selling the Material

The collected and processed material will be sold to the industry in order to produce other kinds of plastic material.

We are going to track the material from collecting to selling and certificates of waste destination are going to be issued.

Our company and solution is aligned to  SDGs 8, 11, 12


About ESR

We are a startup that was founded with the mission to contribute to the sustainable development of the planet.

Adopting socially and environmentally responsible practices, in addition to structured processes, with governance.


Our proposal is to develop an efficient and attractive process for all the links in the Styrofoam recycling chain. Focused on the metropolitan region of the city of São Paulo, we operate in an innovative way with connections and strategic partnerships.


Our project was approved in the notice of ADESAMPA – São Paulo Development Agency, for the Acceleration and Residency program of GREEN SAMPA (Sustainability Hub of the City of São Paulo).

About Eliane Ornelas

Career developed in the area of Projects and Processes, with experience in preparing schedules, mapping processes and proposing improvements.


Expertise in developing indicators and implementing document management systems and data analysis.

PMD Pro certified professional.


Participated in SEBRAE’s EMPRETEC program in 2017.

Graduated in Business Administration from Mackenzie BA from Mackenzie University with a postgraduate degree in market intelligence.


English, spanish and portuguese speaker.

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